Your body is awesome

… sometimes it needs a little prompt to fix itself.

Cellular healing is a way of getting to the core of the issue and starting the healing from the fundamental start of the disease.  It uses many modalities in a programme unique to you all of them holistic.

Holistic healing is falls into four different areas:


Sessions evaluate each of these areas.  If one is out of balance, it will affect the rest,  But above all (and something which is super important to me)  all healing is done with care, attention and gentleness.

Many of my clients are busy parents or work in stressful jobs.  I am juggling my business, two junior school children, a lively   Border Collie and a husband who is away a lot for work.  I know there’s no time to stop and reflect so change needs to come in a manageable and sustainable way for the best change of success.

♦ Well- being ♦ Homeopathy ♦ Kinesiology Nutritional Advice and Testing ♦ Supplements ♦ Herbs  ♦ Acupressure ♦ Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy♦ Bach and Bush Flower Essences ♦

Debs is a rare find; a pragmatic and smart -thinking complementary therapist with a sense of humour. Her curiosity and open world-view make her a very safe person to talk to and think through life issues. My sleep, menopausal and adrenal issues are steadily improving thanks to her gentle care. KC

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