When you’re up against it, make yourself one promise

Every now and then we have a period which tests us to the limit and last month we moved house.  I always thought that  comparing it to a bereavement or divorce was a little extreme.  It might be, but it was a lot more stressful than I expected.

We’re in now.  I can’t decide if I cried more leaving my first ever house where I got married and my babies were born, or about the washing machine tap not switching off when we unplugged it.  Both seemed equally traumatic at the time.

Traumatic instances drain us of all our resources.  If we’re already running on empty then we’re digging deep into nothing to get by then we’re going to struggle to recover out the other side.

Being a qualified health practitioner doesn’t exempt us from sickness.  Sometimes we’re terrible at looking after ourselves.  I am.  I haven’t seen my homeopath since June.  I haven’t had time.

(Slaps hand) I haven’t MADE time.

With the move, it was the uncertainty that gets me.  That’s my “type”.  I like to know what’s going on and my way to manage anxiety is to control it, read all about it, inform myself thoroughly…. And of course so much about moving is completely out of our hands.

I am also impatient.  And I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it.  Arg Nit might have been a good thing to take but I didn’t think of it at the time.  I took a stress mix from Helios instead which I found at the back of the cupboard.  Easy enough to take but not as effective.

So what with organising the move and settling two boys into new schools and emotionally “holding” their space (that’s a polite way of saying worrying myself sick about them – they’re doing well though) and not being able to move from one end of the house to the other without seeing ten jobs which need doing… I knew I wasn’t looking after myself.

So I made myself one promise: I would drink enough water.

I filled one bottle per day and the deal was that I had to finish it.  I could just about manage that.

Dehydration is a systemic problem for many of us, and at the root of most diseases.  Have a read of “The Body’s Many Cries for Water” to see just what a mess we can get ourselves into without water.

I seem to have spent my time walking up enormous hills since we got here too.  Not something my body is used to.  So I am tired from moving house, tired from the emotions of moving. tired from the hills.  And I can’t help thinking that, without all the water I’d been in a much sorrier state.

I also have a sore throat, and a cough.  Minor irritations which is my body’s way of telling me to slow down.  And of course, as if I weren’t busy enough, I’ve signed up for another Kinesiology course.

So I have slowed down with the unpacking and lowered my expectations of the to do list.  I can’t choose a wallpaper that I like but it doesn’t matter.  Perhaps as the dust settles, I will be able to think more clearly.

So when you only have the head space to make one choice, drink water.  Have it available.  Offer it to people who look stressed.  Check your children are drinking enough and that they actually like the taste.  Never go out without a bottle.  You get the idea.

The upside of the new house in a new town is a new clinic which is very exciting.  This is the first picture.

I am looking forward to welcoming lots of people, exhisting clients and old, into the new Berkhamsted Clinic.

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