My son: a case study

What’s it like to treat a child with homeopathy?

One of my homemade remedy kits

I wrote this a while ago while I was sitting with my son who was sleeping off a fever.  I thought it might be interesting to see my thought process around treating an acute illness was and how I made my remedy selection. This was the first day of what turned out to be a three day illness with fever and coughing.   After he was well again, I treated him more broadly for some of the fears he expressed when he was poorly.  This is an individual prescription specific to his personality and usually prescribed after a homeopathic consultation so I have left that bit out.

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My little one is poorly.

He’s nearly four and he’s usually a bundle of energy.  Yesterday he was playing loudly and happy and this morning he woke up distressed because his face was covered in snot!  Goodness knows what he has been doing in the night!

Anyway, PULSATILLA is a remedy that likes to discharge in the morning (try taking it at bedtime to unblock a stuffed up nose) and he was quite weepy – PULSATILLA  is a classic remedy for children who aren’t coping very well with feeling unwell.

So I gave it in a 200c, which I was always taught is the “do it now” potency.  I have found this to be true in my own practice too.

About half an hour later my husband said our son was a bit hot.  His cheeks were red, he didn’t like to be touched and did not want to get out of bed, his eyes were a bit glassy, so I gave BELLADONNA, again in 200c.  This does not lower the temperature, but it does support the body to fight the virus and may shorten the length of time that the temperature is high.

Skip forward an hour and he’s agreed to get out of bed.  He’s had some water and is bossing me about asking for the “poorly blanket” and the TV on.  He’s a bit raspy, from the phlegm and has a bit of a barking cough.  He’s thirsty, and he’s putting his water bottle to his temple and saying it feels nice.

I find it hard to be objective with my own children.  Despite being being a qualified homeopath and well equipped for any illness.  I thought that feeling would go with more knowledge but now I think it’s impossible to take your Mum hat off.

So I go back to my training and do it by the book.  With a decent book like Miranda Castro’s Homeopathy Handbook you can do this too and here’s how.

I identify the symptoms as a whole which are:

  • Fever (feeling hot not chilly)
  • Respiration labored
  • Barking cough
  • Better for cold things (water, ice etc)

The top remedies are ACONITE, DROSERA and SPONGIA.  I have all of these at home.   I have a quick read of their picture and decide that DROSERA is chilly so I rule it out. ACONITE has a sudden onset but SPONGIA is worse after sleep.  There both quite anxious pictures (now I think of it my son keeps asking if it’s because he didn’t wash his hands at nursery- bless him!) ACONITE has dry eyes, SPONGIA has watery eyes so I am going to go with that one.

(NB SPONGIA and DROSERA are not in the Basic Helios Kit, DROSERA is in the Ainsworths Kit.  If you just had ACONITE you could see how you got on with that, or stick to PULSATILLA and BELLADONNA).

Belladonna in the wild

So I gave him the PULSATILLA and BELLADONNA because I could see they would help, when he was settled I looked for the best remedy to suit his picture.  I have all sorts of potencies, but I am going to choose 30c and give it twice and see what happened.  (If you only had 200c that would be fine).

What I notice is that he thinks it’s something he has done wrong.  He asks about hand washing and eating sugar.  The idea that it’s somehow his fault is an interesting SRP* and something I am going to park for the next time I take him to a homeopath.  As well as the observation that he’s moving through the remedies quite quickly.  For now, my goal is to get him well enough for school photos tomorrow.

I practice homeopathy around the hours that my children are at school.  It was a deliberate career strategy for me.  But I can’t help but think about the patients I had to reschedule this morning to be at home.  I know I must put this aside.  My impatience to get him well again, or my irritation at the change in my schedule is not as important as stopping everything and sitting on the sofa with my son and the poorly blanket.  I should probably take a remedy for that myself….

Don’t forget, there’s a skill to picking the right remedy but it comes with practice.  You can’t go wrong: the “wrong” remedy won’t work, but if you can find a remedy that not 100& right, it might remove a symptom and make the next remedy more obvious.  Give it a go.  Trust your mothering instinct about the well being of your child.

From 7am to midnight you can use the homeopathy helpline for support. Calls are £1.58 per minute (you’re not on very long) and it helps if you have a first aid kit or you will need to order the remedies.  You can also call the pharmacies within working hours.



*SPR means strange rare and peculiar and is homeopathy speak for something unusual that might contribute to the patient’s imbalance.


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