Post Natal Depletion – Helping Mums back on to their feet.

This year I am taking a special interest in Post Natal Depletion.  That is, the idea that, having had a baby, your resources are low and, however hard your try, you do not seem to fully recover.

Calendula the skin healer

In my patients, I have seen a number of reasons why this might be the case.  Many are emotional and

may well be associated with a difficult birth or unexplainable feelings that you experience as a new Mum.  This can include Post Natal Depression, but is not exclusively this.  I have found that every mother has down days and has a right to call them whatever she pleases.


Some causes are also physical.  It could be that a nutritional depletion is stopping your body from functioning at full capacity.  It could be a hormonal imbalance that needs gentle bringing back into line.  Often, the tolls of working while growing a tiny human leave us knackered before the baby even arrives and we give the best of ourselves to the children first, leaving us a little empty in our reserve tanks.

Perhaps you can’t shake a cold.   Perhaps you can’t sleep even when the baby is sleeping.  Perhaps you have feelings that you don’t really want to say aloud to your family and peers.  I am here to help.

There are many tools we can use
There are many tools we can use

My tools are varied and I draw from my training in all kinds of alternative and energy therapies.  I use Naturopathic Iridology to asses nutrition and body function.  I prescribe homeopathy, flower essences (think Rescue Remedy), supplements, food and re hydration!  There is an individual treatment plan for everyone who sees me which is gentle and responsive to your healing needs.


If you think I might be able to help, I offer 15 minute telephone consultations with no obligation.  Follow my Facebook page for upcoming articles on positive health choices focused in this area.

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