Homeopathic Awesomeness – get the app!

So,  it was Homoepathy Awareness Week earlier on in the year and, as part of unveiling the mysteries of homoepathy, some passionate people have been working behind the scenes to find a way to make homeopathy more readily available…. by way of a new app.

Any example for earache
An example for earache

Here are some good things about it:  it’s free; it’s got a comprehensive list of acute situations where you can use homeopathy and some details about the remedies to help you cross check; its put together by different professional bodies in collaboration (how often does that happen?); it’s on your phone which means it’s with you most of the time.

The idea is that you find the symptom which best fit what’s going on for you right now.  Then take that remedy.  If you feel better, you don’t need to take any more, if you relapse, take another one.  Sometimes it takes a few to get the message through, but after a few doses, you’ll soon get the idea.

Know this though: it’s 100% safe.  If you pick the “wrong” remedy then nothing happens.

My recommendation to you, as you get to know the app, is to get hold of one of the remedy kits from The Ainsworth Kitone of the pharmacies.  My person favourite is the Ainsworth kit.  It has a good amount of variety and an excellent booklet with it.

Inside this kit are 42 of the most common remedies in small vials.  It will cover most things you might need and it’s handy to have them on hand if you suddenly succumb to something.

If you would like the Ainsworth Kit, I recommend calling them to order: +44 (0)1883 340332

If you don’t have the right remedy, the pharmacies are quite quick to get it out to you.  I started with a kit like the one about and quickly had an over flow box a bit like this one: One of my homemade remedy kits

There are some lovely books, if you would like to learn more there are some lovely books which you can read around the subject, but for now the booklet and the app would do the job.

So what about us homeopaths?  Will we be out of business?  Absolutely not!  The most beautiful healing that is done is not for earaches or diarrhea – you can use the app for that – but for broken hearts or deepest fears.  Homeopathy at it’s finest might start with a physical complaint, but, as you pull away the layers, heals something much more deeply.   We were trained to listen and unpick the pieces and an app will not do that for you.

The app will give you confidence in homeopathy.  You will see some miraculous shifts just by helping your friends and family and you will want to know more.  That’s what we are hoping.  More people might just try homeopathy.  More people might look up a natural alternative before medicating their headache.

It’s simply called “Homeopathy”.  It’s on both Android and Apple and it’s free!  So what’s not to like?  Look for these graphics.


If you need any help, give me a shout.