Why I don’t prescribe at the school gates.

A few of the mums at the school gate know what I do, I even treat some of them discretely.  The ones who dabble in homeopathy often ask me questions about their ailments, or their children’s ailments.

In the early days of study, I loved it!  If I knew the answer I would proudly boast it and if I didn’t I would go away, add to my knowledge and return the next day with an answer.

I also felt compelled to help.  When the most sceptical of friends agreed to take some Pulsatilla for a cold that she had, her nose ran and ran and she thought I had broken her.  She never asked for anything else.  Another asked if I had anything for ring worm so I gave her a therepeutic combination and it didn’t work.  Serves me right, I didn’t take the case, so I was prescribing blind.

By cutting corners I am doing everyone a disservice.  Any ailment deserves to have the attention of a homeopath for enough time to establish the following:

  • Full catalogue of symptoms, across the whole body (there is always a connection!)
  • Why this ailment has come on? When?  Possible cause?
  • How does it hurt, where and when in the day?
  • What makes it better?

This is the full picture and this is how we prescribe.  Prescribing with the body means all the symptoms have to fit your individual case.  Working with the body cannot be successful with broad brush stroke prescribing, standing in the pharmacy being told that this cough mixture will probably help is not the same as matching symptoms to the right remedy.

I often get “have you got anything for PMT?”.   I do. Lots!  And highly effective it can be too.  It’s a hormone imbalance and your hormones are delicate things.  Not something to be discussed in a snatched conversation.  It takes time to unravel what has happened to your body.

But it’s really hard not to offer, especially if you can see the right remedy fit immediately, or they’re about to take an unnecessary round of antibiotics.  It’s also hard to say no.  So if you see me shifting uncomfortably then this explains why.  Feel free to use my acute service which is cost effective and free of my children swinging off my legs!

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