Clinic and Fees

Clinics in WD23 and HP4


Where are you based?  Consultations are from two clinics:  Bushey High Street WD23 and Berkhamsted HP4 a short walk from the station

What do you charge? Adult consult (initial) £87 (follow up) £65

A flat fee of £45 per hour for children. Each Child must have an initial consult and then families pay by the hour.

Do you do acute consultations?  Yes these are £20.  Available to existing patients, over the phone.  I encourage people to buy a remedy kit but I also post the remedies where needed.

How often do I need to see you?  Everyone is different.  As a guide, every 4-6 weeks.  For complaints that you have had for years, it can take several appointments.  We will discuss this at the first meeting.

What happens in the consultation? I ask questions about your health as a whole:

  • physical: what is the connection between all of your physical symptoms?  Which come from your body and which are medical side effects?
  • mental: have you experienced any trauma recently which has knocked your health out of kilter?
  • environmental: are you exposed to anything external which might have an influence over your well-being?


All the tools that I use are all about balance and the session follows a format best suited to you.  Some are led by homeopathy and matching symptoms and some a more to do with testing the body to check where the blocks are with kinesiology.

Do the remedies cost extra?  No, remedies are included in the price.  I do not include tinctures and supplements which need to be ordered so have an additional cost.

What should I bring?  I like patients to bring any drugs or supplements that they are currently taking.  It is also helpful if new patients fill in the following form to save time during the consultation.  You can email it back in advance or bring a copy with you. You can download this here:  First appointment Qs

For Kinesiology comfortable and flexible trousers are best.

Do you do home visits? I offer home visits to new mothers, children with behavioural issues which are worse out of home and those who might struggle to get to me.  Skype consultations are available although not for muscle testing. Please contact me to discuss.

Do you do family deals?  I offer discounts to family members, I also offer payment plans.  I am covered by some private healthcare plans, please ask for details.

Please note that I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Any cancellations after this time will be liable for the full consultation fee.



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