Sports Wellness

Do you find that you have repetitive injuries?  

Are you struggling to hit the next level?  

Are you building up to a big sporting event this year and want to fire on all cylinders?

Did you know that 30 – 50% of athletes have digestive issues while exercising?*

*Bluntly, sudden diarrhoea or cramping.  More likely in endurance events and, whilst transient, catches you by surprise a little (like a certain female marathon runner…).  Longer term this can also manifest as constipation.

Who are you?

You might not be a professional sports person but it doesn’t mean you’re not serious about sport.  You might work all week in a desk job and use sport to de-stress, or be frustrated tbike-jumphat you can’t get out there because of an injury you can’t seem to fix.

Whatever it is, my hybrid approach to treatment will trace your problems back to the source.

Working with me we can identify areas of weakness which broadly fall in four categories:  Structural; Nutritional; Electrical and Emotional.  We find which areas need strengthening and we find what you need to make them stronger.

What is it?

A three appointment optimisation package would take place over three to four months and look a little like this:

  1.  Full Case history, initial analysis of what is out of balance and how to fix.  Basic assessment of hydration, nutritional assimilation and lifestyle.  Put in the building blocks of good functional health.  Rebook for 4-6 weeks time.
  2. Re check the area of priority and focus here or be led to a new area of focus.  Reassess and re write an individualised plan.  Re book for an agreed period of time.
  3. Revisit the source of the problem and assess if any thing else has appeared.  Long term recommendations in an individualised plan.

Tune ups every 6-12 months advised for ongoing training.

That water was COLD!

Initial assessments are £70 with £50 per follow up.

An upfront commitment to a package of three is £150.

Does not include supplements but could include a “race recovery kit” or similar if you are working towards an event.

What is it not?

I don’t do meal planning because it’s boring.  But I can tell you what foods your body likes or dislikes and you can choose what you eat.

It’s not medical.  In fact, I see much medication as masking or suppressing symptoms of deep healing.  Medication can deplete you of vital nutrients and we can talk about that.  (NB please speak to your GP about coming off any medication).

I don’t do any hard “sell”.  I am not affiliated to any supplements or brand as I remain neutral.  I have access to supplements at a discount and can pass that on to you but you may source whichever way you like.

Endure the Enduro.

So whether it’s Tennis Elbow , Frozen Shoulder, unexpected gastric issues or just a general fix, we are looking for where it all started for you.  Or what the best order to attack them is.

Perhaps its not having the right mental attitude or a fear following injury.

If you’re not sure,  then drop me your number via the contacts section and we can have a chat.