What’s in my toolbox?

As an eternal student I am always learning something new.  Here are some of the techniques here.  We use what you need.

Kinesiology: Muscles testing across different circuits of the body.  Asking the body questions and by-passing the mind (which can get in the way!) the response is binary: yes or no.  We can “test” for many things:  toxins; supplements; foods and even mental blocks.  It’s an art really.  Come and try it and prepare to be amazed.

Acupressure: I incorporate this into the Kinesiology and use pressure points to relieve blocks in the flow (migraines, constipation and even emotions like fear).

Homeopathy: Serial dilution at its finest.  I pride myself on gentle healing and this is significant component of this.  Homeopathy looks at people in layers: toxic layer; emotional layer; inherited layer and many more.  We hit the layer than needs the most nurturing.    I practice practical homeopathy which is able to work alongside long term medication or prescribe combination that work on multiple layers at the same time.  This was my first passion, but works best on clients who are well – resourced, so perfect in line with the supplements I use in Kinesiology

Flower Essences:  Who knew from tiny flowers such beautiful healing would come?  I would consider Bach Flowers and Bush Flowers to clear the emotional blocks you might have that would stop you from moving forward.  You may know Rescue Remedy and have used it.  It’s excellent as a first line remedy if you have experienced a shock, but there’s so much more.

Homeobotanicals:  A combination of herbs and homeopathy, these have been tried and tested and combined to make efficient tinctures, customised to you.  Their WORMS mix is excellent for dogs.  I discovered them through the LIZ LALOR fertility programme as the FEMALE tonight was making a huge difference to women trying to conceive in Australia.  Consider them for Menopause, Migraines and many other conditions.  I love having them in my toolkit.

Narayani Combination:  Homeopathic combinations which were developed at a Homoepathic Clinic in India.  Their huge footfall has contributed to treating and tweaking the remedies.  Sometimes the sum is greater than the parts.

Supplements:  These are key to our resources for healing.  Our environments deplete us of important nutrients.  Our food is not as nutrient -rich as it used to be.  We spend too much time inside, we don’t always each fresh.   I choose and recommend supplements which represent good quality for value, I don’t affiliate myself with any brand.  I don’t endorse products for any reason except that they are right for you.

It’s worth saying that long term medication can rob your body of essential supplements and that, by putting them back in, you may offset some of the side effects.

Talking therapy: this forms as much a part of the treatment as the physical stuff.  I use some tapping techniques and marry it with the Flower Essences or Homeopathy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy: Homeopathy is 200 years old so I went in search of some older knowledge and found that TCM had some of the answers.  I work with the five elements and with Meridians in Kinesiology and with Acupuncture in the form of Acupressure.



Always learning.  Here are some of the Courses I have attended. 

2017: Dr Banerji, the Banerji Protocols

Elizabeth Adalian Addiction Course

Homeobotanicals with Deborah Kerslake

Liz Lalor Fertility Protocol

Astrology and Homeopathy:  The North and South Nosodes

Colin Griffiths Fertility and New Meditative Remedies

Peter Joyce Iridology Parts 1 -4 (not practising)

Keri Williams Hormones and Hormones for Teenagers

2012-2015  College of Practical Homoepathy.  Licentiate Diploma In Homoepathy (incorporating A&P, Bach Flowers, Nutrition and Supplements and Business Management).

Electromagnetic Frequency disruption

EMF Roy Riggs

Neil Ward Hyperactivity Disorders



Physician Heal Thyself

I also regularly see a Homeopath, a Kinesiologist and various other therapists.  Less frequently these days, but I know when it’s time to check in.   I also have regular professional supervision.

I am always happy to refer Clients to colleagues with a greater level of speciality where appropriate.