Homeopathy For Doulas


HHave you got a homeopathic birth kit sitting somewhere at the bottom of your work bag?  Not used it in a while, or seem reaching for the same one each time?  I am here to help.

Homeopathy is a safe system of medicine, which brings a person who is out of balance, back into balance through gentle messages to the body. Ideal for labour, and 100% safe.

Doula’s have a special perspective on birth so I have designed a course to empower tbirth kit helioshem to use more homeopathy when their clients are out of balance.

This course is designed specifically with Doulas in mind, that is, the PRACTICAL application of homeopathy in birth.  You don’t need to spare any brain cells memorizing the 36 remedies in the kit, just a few cells to understand HOW to apply it and you’ll be ready to go.

We will cover:

  • What is homeopathy (not the long version, just the bit that helps you understand what it is doing)
  • How to apply homeopathy in birth
  • The Helios Remedy kit (Or the Ainsworth one)
  • A cheeky short cut to finding the best remedy
  • A simplified birth kit
  • Legal implications for prescribing (quickly)
  • Handy phrases to keep  in your back pocket

After this we will have some time to chat about experiences where you might identify homeopathy could have helped.  We will use these as practical examples to help consolidate your knowledge.

The venue is my house so that I can make sure the coffee is up to scratch.  The atmosphere will be relaxed and conducive to learning with minimal effort.

rabbit warren

Homeopathy is a lovable rabbit warren sometimes but I GUARANTEE you will leave empowered and not overwhelmed with a practical approach on using remedies in labour.




Date:  Sunday 3rd July 2016 please put your details in here and you will be emailed a booking form.  If you can’t make it but are still interested,  please register your interest here.

In Brighton

Cost £45 (early bird offer until end of May) then £55

Includes the course notes, refreshments and access to a devoted FB closed group for ongoing support.


Birth Kit

I don’t sell the Helios Remedy kids (featured above) which I recommend for Doulas.  This is my parents to be kit which is simplified.





NB: This course is specifically run for Doulas with their unique expertise.  I also run one to one session for expecting parents and their birth partners and can tailor make birth kits to their individual needs. Please get in contact for details.

Coming in 2016: Online video training courses. If you can’t make the dates or the venue, drop me an email and I will keep you posted: Deborah@cellheal.co.uk


debs 0416You can find out more about me here.  I am a passionate advocate of empowered birthing and work with pre conception, pregnancy and post-partum mums.  I have enormous respect for the work of Doulas and have found that many would like more practical training on homeopathy during labour.



Course feedback:

This course was just right – very informative without being overwhelming. I have attended homeopathy courses for doulas before led by other practitioners and left feeling even more confused and I certainly did not feel confident in using any remedies at births I have attended. However, after attending Deborah’s course, I can’t wait to get started. Thoroughly recommend it!! 


Hi Deborah
I just wanted to let you know that I attended a birth shortly after the course.
It really gave me the confidence to use my homeopathy kit which had been gathering dust at the bottom of my doula bag since I bought it.
The difference it made to the Mum’s anxiety levels was instant and amazing. I’m definitely converted but will be recommending new clients get in touch with you if they want to know more than I am able to tell them. Thank you.